Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bridge printed

My test print of Bridge was successful at first sight, but on closer inspection the leotard had been only partially printed, particularly across the back where it was rather messy. In other places, it was a completely separate and rather fragile layer which started to come away as I removed the support material. So, in summary, my first faltering steps with printing clothing had been a bit of a failure. I decided to try and recover an otherwise good print by breaking away the remnants of the leotard.
A bit of scraping with a knife and an acetone vapour bath later, and I had another nice looking model.

Before removal of support material and leotard fragments


  1. Nicely done. What is the height of the model? What layer resolution? Will you post a pic of the supports? How long did it take to print?

    1. Thanks Donny
      This model is 9 cm tall.
      I used 0.15 mm layer height.
      I will add another photo showing the support structures.
      Estimated time for the print was 11 hours.


  2. Hi! excelent work!
    will you upload the model to thingiverse or other site like that!?
    Its beatufull! Congrats!

    1. Hi Santiago
      I'm afraid the strict terms of the EULA do not allow sharing of STL files, at present.

  3. Coudn't you have it printed on her back (legs up) ?
    It would probably use less support and will save you lot of print time.
    Very nice artwork again !

    1. I did consider that, Anar, but I decided not to for two reasons. Firstly, the fingers are splayed out at a steep angles that would be difficult to print without support. Secondly, the support removal always leaves marks behind. I prefer to keep these on the underside of the model where they are less visible. Vapour smoothing with acetone can help but still doesn't remove everything.