Sunday, 5 May 2013


You may remember that I found some interesting pictures on the CG Artists forum. One of the was called a painting by Edward McEvenue based a photo called girl-6 by buzillo.

I had a go at printing a model of her in the grey ABS which I had been using recently but was disappointed to see that the print was badly split in several places.


I have been reading about some people who have been experimenting with printing in a new nylon material called Taulman 618. One of the claimed advantages is its superior layer bonding with greater resistance to delaminating. I thought I would give it a try.

So, what are my first impressions of printing with nylon?

  • No odour
  • Sticks well to blue painter's tape even on a cold bed
  • Nice smooth surface with a lovely sheen
  • No delamination at all
  • Much more flexible (less risk of breaking)


  • Support material is harder to remove
  • Strings are tricky to remove
  • No way of smoothing the surface yet
  • Much more flexible (less statue like, more bendy toy)

Will I be using it again?


  1. Good to know about the nylon. The other unique thing about it is it can be Tie Dyed various colors so you get some nice effects.

  2. I am using prusa mendel in open design. I believed the ABS is cracking due to temperature difference in height. I saw some people to put the whole printer in a carton box. I tried to use tall cardboard to cover 2 sides of printer. It helps a lot to print ABS without cracking.