Friday, 24 June 2016


In celebration of reaching 80,000 page views, here is a brand new sculpture I created to print on my new 3D printer. I started from this photo found on Pinterest. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to identify the model or the photographer. If anyone has any information, please let me know.

I use Daz Studio 4.9 to create a pose using the Olympia 7 model and Sally G3 hair. Here is the model in the Daz Studio interface.

After exporting the model from Daz Studio I used Project Miller to reskin the model and Blender to shrink-wrap the hair. I did a considerable amount of work using the sculpt tools in Blender to improve the look and shape of the hair whilst keeping it as printable as possible. Here is a screen grab of the final STL file.

I recently upgraded to a BigBox3D from E3Donline and here is the model printed using grey Edge filament.

A nice addition to the collection!