Sunday, 17 March 2013


This weekend I created a new sculpture based on the photo of Edward Watson performing in Kafka's The Metamorphosis. I tried to reproduce the pose as accurately as possible and was very pleased with the result.

 I had hoped to print the sculpture without turning on the automatic support feature in the slicing software, but as soon as I had finished posing the model it was clear that this would not be possible. As well as the shallow slopes on the thigh and arm, there were points, on the tip of the chin and the underside of the breasts, that had nothing beneath them. 

I used Kisslicer to turn the STL model into printer instructions and enabled medium support. This time I decided to try printing at 150 micron resolution to reduce the visibility of the layers. I also wanted to find out how well the support material could be removed from a PLA print so I used a translucent blue filament for the 12 hour print.

The support material was more difficult to remove from PLA than with the grey ABS, but after a bit of work it came away surprisingly cleanly.
Here is a quick video of the model on a turntable to show it from all angles.

And here are a few photos.


  1. I was delighted to see that my blog had caught the attention of Rachel Park and received a very complimentary write-up at
    Thanks Rachel! I love all your pieces but this one was especially good.

  2. WOW Good Job! I'd like to print them. Following your twitter account. Thanks.

  3. I’m sorry. At the moment, all sharing of STL files derived from Daz Studio is strictly prohibited under the terms of the End User Licence. The good news is that the software is free to download and easy to use. This blog contains description of my experience of learning how to create 3D printable models so that others can try it for themselves.