Sunday, 10 May 2020

Some catching up - Belovodchenko and Barbati

This blog has been a little neglected by me over the last year, but seemingly not by all of you, since the number of views recently passed the 150,000 mark. That's an awful lot of exposure! So, to say 'thank you' to all of my visitors, I wanted to share some of my recent creations with you.

I am still using Daz Studio to generate the posed models and export the OBJ files which means I'm afraid I still can't share the models with you. Increasingly, I am sculpting my own hair designs in Blender 2.80 and one day maybe I'll be able to create a full model of my own.

Since posting Tam, I was featured in an article for  by Jan Homola - if you view it in a Chrome browser, Google translate does a good job of showing you the article in your own language.

My next project was inspired by another photo that looked as though it would need a minimal amount of support material to print. It comes from a series called Bodyscape Art by Anton Belovodchenko and I hope he won't mind me reproducing it here.

The pose was relatively straightforward to reproduce and, as expected, the print doesn't need any support material at all. The hair was completely hand-sculpted in Blender with the long ends curled up in the small of her back.

Overall, a very satisfying print that I am very pleased with.

The other sculpture I've been working on was inspired by a photo that I found on Pinterest by Niki Barbati. I can't find it now so I'll have to share the copy I found and hope that Niki likes my tribute enough to allow me to share it here.

I re-imagined this model with long hair that reached to the floor and predicted that, once again, no support material would be required to print it.

Here is the model I created using Daz Studio and Blender.

And here is the finished print in bronze PLA.

I liked this one so much that I printed a second copy in some new Fillamentum Mukha PLA which looks stunning.

So, that's now all up to date. I'd better start planning the next sculpture and looking for some printspiration.

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