Wednesday, 17 September 2014


This beautiful photo of Kayleigh Lush was one of the 100 photos taken by Ray Rapkerg and published on Twitter.

It's another interesting and challenging pose and also presents a great opportunity for me to practice sculpting hair.

The fingers of the right hand only make light fingertip contact with the ground which would present a problem during printing, so I have added a thin disc to anchor the hand firmly and take the weight of the right forearm.

Here is another angle which gives a better view of the hair.

The model printed well at the first attempt but needed plenty of support material under the face and breasts.

Here is a selection of views after removing the support material and ending with a video showing the model from all sides.

The next picture and the video were taken in full sunlight which brings out the amazing sheen in the printed plastic. It's called Christmas Green PLA from 3D Filaprint.

The obligatory full rotation view video.

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