Sunday, 9 June 2013

Bruno Birkhofer

Last year, Thingiverse member, richgain, demonstrated the use of a camera and a 3D printer to make copies of the works of great artists like Auguste Rodin when he published his version of Crouching Woman. The resolution is not great and his method of using point cloud renderings from multiple photos loses a lot of the fine details but the essence of the piece is still there in the lines that the body describes. 
This, to me, is the point of sculpture as art.

One of the artists I have recently discovered during my research is fashion photographer, Bruno Birkhofer. I share his passion for the artistic shapes and lines that can be described by the body held in a beautiful or unusual pose. He captures his models photographically and freezes the pose in time but also selects just one angle from which the model will be viewed. My attempts to convert these great photos into 3D models aim to allow these forms to be appreciated from any direction and angle.

Looking back over the work I have done so far allowed me to reflect that one of the pieces I most enjoyed creating was Metamorphosis. I still think it's a strikingly dramatic pose. So, when I saw this Bruno Birkhofer picture I immediately recognised an opportunity for a new sculpture.

I have started work on the pose and, although it still needs some refinement, I'm pleased with the way it's progressing. The next stage is to begin cleaning up the mesh to make it printable and finish working on the hair.

I decided to print the model at a higher resolution than I used for Recline and opted for a 0.15 mm layer height. The print came out very well with only the underside of the horizontal surfaces looking rather ragged. This should improve with the final smoothing in acetone vapour. 

Before smoothing

The finished sculpture


  1. Hey
    I am Bruno Birkhofer and i just stumbled over you page because i sometimes google my name....
    I am really surprised about this and i feel kind of proud that you spend such a lot of time to build this sculptures out of my pictures!
    Please keep me updated about your work. Really interesting :-)

    1. Hey Bruno
      Good of you to comment. I'm really pleased you liked my work - you already know that I'm very impressed by yours. I will certainly be continuing to follow what you do and looking out for other pictures that inspire me.
      Do you ever shoot a model in the same pose from two different angles? It would be very interesting to see if it makes the sculpturing process easier.
      My regards.